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Candle Magic In Wicca


“……….the light burns on, for it is with such illumination that the grace of candle magic feels our souls and brightens our life path” From The Power of Light by Dr. Nkasi.

On this magical journey, we now reach the point of self-seeking or known as the soul searching acme. You will be assisted at this point by candle magic that involves light, and this has been greatly enhanced by the utilization of candle magic.

You have been around long enough to know that there are different sources of light in the universe, some artificial and others natural. Among this collection(the natural collection), you will find the moon and the sun.

We have previously traversed through the wonders of moon magic and the moon rituals.

As we go on we shall also look at the wonders of the sun in the practice of magic. Among the artificial sources of light that humans have come up with we have the candles.

Why Do We Use Candles In Candle Magic?

Candle magic gradually became part of magical rituals with the introduction of night-long vigils in magical rituals. In the latter days, magical concentration was concentrated in huge fires known as bonfires.

Vigils and rituals were performed around these fires which burned throughout the night, being replenished now and then by the ritualists.

Candle Magic In Wicca

In all these ritual performances, the fire was not allowed to burn out at any time. This was because the presence of the fire assured the people of the presence of the essence of their deities who they believed to be gods and goddesses of light.

With the change from the traditional ritual performances to the modern setting, there had to be away the light would be kept burning while at the same time limiting the negative effects of wood burning on the environment.

To this effect, the use of enchanted and sacrificial incense was introduced. The burning of incense does not necessarily produce fire but it produces smoke that is purely beneficial to the ritual performer and pleasing to the deities for whom the incense is burnt.

Burning incense is done in what is known as the censer. You will find out more about incense in the voodoo tradition which places more emphasis on incense burning in every voodoo magical ritual.

However, though incense in its pure form can substitute fire, it remains a far cry from the real flame that is seen as the passion of the gods.

At this point, we come to the use of a real flame in magic, and that is the candle. When traditional magicians noted that the flame was still much in need and the rituals seemed less invigorated by its absence, they decided to set out for the use of the candle flame in magic.

The Candle In Candle Magic

Candle Magic In Wicca

A candle is a stick-like body of wax that has a wick in the middle, the wick holds the flame that is produced by the fuel-like properties of wax.

The candle symbolizes many of the virtues and values of both man’s spiritual and physical nature and qualities. In its initial appearances, the candle was only white; this brought out the beauty of magic and its clean nature.

The candle stands out tall and straight which continues to show the straightforwardness of true magic and all its users or those who would wish to use it.

The wick that holds the flame given off by the candle is hidden in the middle of the body of wax, this shows the strength of magic that is hidden within every single magical human being.

It also brings out the spiritual or soul nature that lays brightly burning inside every physical body that can be seen by the eyes.

The things both known and hidden about the candle and its use in magic are so vast that it will require a thousand pages to write all of it down.

Here I try to bring out some of those qualities that will help any novice spell caster and ritualist to make the connection between candlelight and magic such that it helps him or her as a guiding light in the performance of magical rituals.

The Candle As A Flame.

The candle in itself is not as significant as the flame that it produces. Why should we be more concerned about the flame?

Candle Magic In Wicca

First and foremost the flame represents one of the strongest elemental forces that exist in the universe, and that is fire. You are aware that the universe is made up of precisely five elemental forces, and these are fire, air, water, earth, and soul.

Most other traditions will stop on only four elements and thus eliminate the soul element, but you should know that the soul is the element that makes up human beings and it is in this element that all magical energy is directed at the end.

Fire as an element represents the passions not only of the supernatural forces but also of the humans themselves (most precisely the believers engaged in the magical rituals).

It represents the desire of the ritualist to achieve, the burning inside that demands fulfillment, the urge to live on and fight for a better life.

Unlike water which shares most of the same qualities, a fire burns steadily and strongly regardless of the place.

The fire also brings to us the willing passion of the gods and supernatural forces to fight on our behalf. It symbolizes their presence which is not only omniscient but also omnipotent.

Fire burns from within. The brighter it burns, the stronger. Thus, in the flame, the gods are made aware of the needs of man. And subsequently, man is made aware of the willingness of the gods to answer his or her prayers.

Candle Hues And Selection

In both the modern and traditional practice of magic, candles as a faith have evolved both in color and strength. You may now start wondering which candle colors hold more magical power!

The important question here is, which candle color moves in sync with my aura. As candle colors, people have different auras of varying colors.

It is therefore of great importance to be knowledgeable of the color auras in order to engage in candle magic.

Does The Color Of The Candle Have Any Effect On The Color Of My Aura?

Yes! When you know your aura, then it becomes easier to select the candle colors that will match that aura. This is to give you enough comfort in the performance of magical rituals.

These synched rituals help individuals to become more aware of the energies that surround them. This enables them to direct the energies of the candle flames in the right places.

You have noticed that the soul is represented as white. And voodoo uses the white cloth dominantly when it comes to spiritual magic.

Therefore, the semblance of the white candle and the white flame is used by many voodoo ritualists. This is for those who desire to find the perfect connection to the magic that throbs deep within their souls.

However the surreal appearances of soul auras are not limited to white, this goes for all other colors and candles. Another alternative to surreal semblance realities in determining color can be “spiritual identification”

What Is Spiritual Identification?

Spiritual identification is a branch of meditation that deals with deep inner searches for a specific illumination or answer.

Meditation is done to cool the body, settle a wandering soul, resettle energies, reorganize thoughts, among others.

Candle Magic In Wicca

However, when it comes to self-seeking meditation, we reach the point of spiritual searches. This requires one to look deeper beyond the surface of one’s whole being.

These searches give you the chance to discover those parts of you that you did not know existed. In this instance, you will be looking for your attachments to a given color or semblance.

Achieving this is not simple given the kind of meditation that modern people are used to. The kind that does not involve sacrificing a lot of time.

In spiritual identification, meditation takes on another new meaning and transcends mere consciousness recovery. You will be required to gather and assemble all existing hues in the selection of your infinite color.

Now it will be the role of your spirit to float and select the perfect hue that matches you.

Do not worry about the wrong selection. I can assure you that your hue is already a part of you. However, you’ve ignored it because you don’t even acknowledge its existence.

You will feel a bond to the color that’s been ever-present once your spirit rests on the right color. The only difference is that you’ll feel the bond becoming stronger and more a part of you.

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