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Elemental Money Spell


The elemental money spell and how it utilizes the power of the five elemental forces .

The way magical power moves is sometimes a wonder and amazement to the people who encounter it for the first time.

There exists numerous ways and paths through which magical energy meanders. In the most common of these, we have the five elemental forces that harbor magical power in their own essences.

These five elements which are sometimes curtailed to only four in some magical traditions, contain the secrets to the amazing nature of the universe as we know it.

Everything that you see in the universe is not a coincidence, they are all well planned happenings and occurrences that are guided by powerful invisible hands that are manifest in every detail of life;

Elemental Forces Of Magic

The life that is controlled by the five elements, and these elements are; fire, air, water, earth, and soul.

Elemental Money Spell

In various magical traditions you will find that the soul element is sometimes left out when dealing in elemental magic.

This is because many practitioners assume (and they are not totally wrong) that the soul which is the spirit is always around and thus they see no need to be specific on its presence during rituals and spell craft.

Though this is not utterly false, it is very crucial with magic that nothing and I mean nothing, is left to supposition.

Each element is accounted for individually because, the moment you suppose that an element is present in its totality, you might forget to ensure that it properly aligns and collaborates with the other elements for a successful spell.

Therefore, all practitioners should ensure that a symbol for each element is in place as they go on with their magical rituals, most especially when dealing in elemental magic.

The Need For Elemental money spell and  Magic.

We have seen that the magic of the elements exists, but the real question is, Do you need to use elemental magic when casting the elemental money spell? And if you need it, why do you need it? These burning questions are the questions am about to answer you now.

Elemental magic is that part of this powered universe that is always around you and almost affects your life one way or another, whether you want it or not.

This does not mean that everything that happens in your life is a result of these forces, but almost nothing happens in your life in which they do not have a hand.

For example, the ‘air’ element; this is none other than the normal air that we breathe in we breath out, that air within the atmosphere.

Air can be taken for granted but every part of it is symbolic in magic and it has great effect on the lives of people, the way it moves, its omnipresence, its calmness, its wrath in a storm, its hiss in the trees, its roar in the desert, etc.

Everything associated with air is so symbolic that the elemental energy within it is beyond the understanding of mortals.

Attributes Of Elemental Money Spells

This explains why when it comes to magical purpose, you will find that the element is linked to attributes like perseverance, resilience, swiftness, calmness among others. That is something little about the air element.

Elemental Money Spell

All the other elements of fire, water, earth, and soul have their unique attributes which make each element superior in its own way.

We shall be looking at each element in particular and then go on to look at the spell combinations in which they are either paired or worked in unison for the creation of change, but the question we are answering is not how the elements work, but it is an inquiry on whether  you need them, the answer to this question is Yes, you need them.

And this is simple, since they affect your daily life without your knowledge, then half of the choice is taken out of your hands, they are already in your life, what you now have to do is to fine tune them so that they do what you want them to do for you in the way you want them to.

This is not a simple thing, but with a qualified and professional spell caster and ritual master, this can be done as it has always been done for many people who are now masters of their destinies.

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The Elements Of The Elemental Money Spell

We proceed to see what the elements can do for you from there. The greatest truth to know here, and it might be the most important, the elements can achieve anything that you require, with the right procedures having been followed.

There exists a lot of problems on earth, but in the same measure there exists a lot of happiness on this same earth. So here is what the elements do for you; when you have problems, the called up and directed magic will come to your aid and solve your problems. These problems include;

  • Sicknesses
  • Diseases
  • Poverty
  • Negative energy
  • Enmity from friends, among others.

All these, proper elemental magic can help you overcome. In the same breath, if you want to live a happy life, life full of money, life full of love, a life full of good luck and blessings, still proper elemental magic comes to your aid, to help you achieve your dream.

The magical spells that elemental magic strongly manifests.

Everything that falls in all the categories mentioned and not, is worked on and influenced by elemental magic. It is very rare to find a part of the universe (its life forms included), which is not touched by elemental magic. That is the nature of our universe and that is how it will always be.

The Fire Love Spell

Now let us look at the procedures of a simple love spell under the guidance and influence of a fire element; when dealing with love spells with fire, you should understand that these will almost be dominion spells.

Love magic is rarely cast or used in combination with a fire element. However, there comes a time when you want to gain total control over your lover. This applies if you become suspect that he or she is having another affair outside your relationship.

Though not wholly justified, this instance calls for permission to cast a love spell in elemental fire. This is so that you are in position to gain dominion over your partner.

What You Need To Cast This Simple But Powerful  elemental money Spell

  • Take a lover’s piece of cloth. It can be a cambric or any piece of cloth. If you fail to get a cloth, you can use any of his or her items. Ensure its those he or she likes keeping close to his person (body).
  • Take the cloth and tie a knot.
  • Dip the cloth in blood from a purely white hen (if it is a man use a cock).
  • Light a blue candle and burn off the loose and hanging parts of the cloth as you say these words:
“I burn all your love connections, to be whole in the flame of my passion, I take all your flame to be mine”.
  • After that incantation (3), get a piece of cloth from your own clothes and lay it down. Ensure it is clean before you go to the next step.
  • Place your lover’s burnt cloth in the middle of your flat cloth. Tie it inside by joining the corners of your cloth, till the inside tied and burnt cloth is not visible.
  • If you already have an altar at your place, light five blue candles in circular form..
  • Take the tied bundle of cloth and place it in the center of the burning flames. Recite this 5 times; say your lover’s name, “…………with this flame i enshroud and keep you, to be within and never without; to feel warmth from my flame and never to want”
  • This setup should burn till the flames die out. It can always be repeated when you feel like your hold onto your lover is waning.

As I have said earlier, these kinds of love spells fall under dominion spells. And most times not recommended, but they are effective and have more power than softer love spells.

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