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Magical Dreams


Previously we have seen that we can categorize dreams differently. Categorizing depends on the different magical traditions that exist.

We have seen the existence of two forms of dreams are Positive Energy Dreams and Negative Energy Dreams.

You are now probably akin to the forms of energies within the universe. Additionally, you are aware that negative energies are responsible for all the bad things that happen. And the positive energies are responsible for the good in the universe.

Therefore, you will find it easy to understand these forms of dreams. This is because you know that positive energy dreams foretell and negative energy brings misfortune.

However, there are some things you will pay much attention to in dream magic. This is a requirement if you are to successfully perfect and cast spells in dreamwork. Besides that, there are several dream rituals you will perform in this magical tradition.

Therefore, continue with me as I explore the beauties and beasts of the dream world. I assure you that by the time you start practical spell work,  your dreams will be part of you.

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This is the chance you have been waiting for. An opportunity to change your dreams and thereby perfect your physical life.

The Positive Energy Dreams And the working of Magical dreams.

There are many things in the universe both known and unknown. These are the things that drive us into dreams in the spiritual realm. The universe holds numerous unseen forces. Luckily, those with magical sight can witness the hidden forces replay in their second-level conscious selves.

Magical Dreams

Besides that, those few have the ability to make something out of these dreams. Thus, these people can use these forces to change the lives of other people who need change.

The positive energy dreams are those sub-conscious realities that you live in a way you desire. A positive dream is the good things you experience while sleeping. It is a life you see in the spiritual world and wish to live in the real world. However, it is impossible to manifest it (without magical assistance), in the real world.

What Triggers Positive Energy Dreams? And the working of Magical dreams   

Quite a number of things are responsible for dreams. Whereas some of these are metaphysical in a sense, others you totally have control over. This means you can change them with a change in your behavior and giving self-discipline.

My major role is mostly to bring out in you that part of yourself that is hidden. Thus, I give you energies that will create for you a totally better life.

However, I am also obliged to help you with the very normal and obvious parts of your life. You should be aware of the importance of normal behavior checks in directing your life. These are the little things that help you determine your fate.

Some of these things are responsible for creating positive energy paths that manifest a good or positive dream life. These are some of the things you are to engage in for this eventuality to occur;

Charged Cerebration;

At times, most people refuse to explore the possibilities of their minds to dwell on positivity. Thereby, they give in to trepidation and depression.

Magical Dreams

This kind of low-level meditation leaves these people vulnerable to attack from unwanted thoughts and these contaminate their consciousnesses.

This will ultimately produce unwanted dreams in the surreal reality. Additionally, it also limits your chances of attaining and harnessing the power you need to manifest positive energy dreams.

So, what you have to do is this;

  1. Clear your mind of negativity
  2. Look for those things in life that bring you happiness regardless of how few they might be
  3. Dwell on a brighter future with high hopes, and not on the bad past you have struggled through
  4. Always wish for the best and search for the good in everything.

Charged Fellowship.

The flow of magic in and around a person gets more momentum by the kind of company that the person keeps. The negative energy in your dreams will at times not be a thing of your doing.

Not everyone who surrounds you laughs with you or calls you a pal, is indeed looking out for your good and well-being.

Your eye should be always on the alert, your spiritual sieve should be of the tight make to keep in only those people that you wholly trust, against all odds. You can get assistance on fellowship selection from;

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Before or after you have made acquaintances in your life, you will need to sift through them with a magical thresher which is meant to help you select those ones that you will choose or keep respectively.

Magic has never been responsible for wrong decisions and I assure you, you will never be liable to mistakes if you trust the force.

A charged fellowship will promote positivity and positive vibes around you and in you at all consciousness levels, and in return, you will be able to align your dreams the way you desire.

Charged or High-Level Meditation.

Magical Dreams

This is another way through which you can manifest positive or desired energy dreams. Our recount on meditation gives more insight into various kinds of meditation that help you pursue a positive path.

All meditation is meant for cleansing and charging. However, there are a number of things that you will add on when it comes to dream-cleansing meditation. This is the meditation that clears dream energy paths and thus the proper working of the magical dreams.

Among these things, you will find that there exist power mantras.  Mantras are performed before, during, and after a meditation cycle levitating towards dream purification. For more advanced tips on the right meditation,

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