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Moon Magic And Moon Water


This is an extension of our previous trade-in Wicca magic. Wicca magic is the best magical tradition when it comes to the utilization of moon magic and all items connected to the moon.

Many people who deal with practitioners in Wicca magic are not informed about the kind of magic that is used upon them sometimes.

Many practitioners themselves do not know the difference between a moon spell and an ordinary spell. They just cast the powerful spells and as long as the spells achieve their goals, which may turn out short-lived in the end, they do not care.

Regardless of that, as magical practitioners, we need always to teach the world about the kind of magic used in the casting of spells and rituals, such that the spell casters, or the magic users in this instance, get the chance to know what form of magic they are interacting with.

Wicca boasts one of the strongest deities when it comes to moon magic, this deity is known as the moon goddess. She goes by two other common names which are mother goddess and earth goddess, but it is easy for anyone to differentiate her from any other traditional deity due to her uniqueness and special attachment to Wicca.

What Is Moon Magic And Why Do We Perform It?

Moon magic was one of the first forms of magic to be practiced before the emergency of more individual traditions that saw magic split into various sections. Some of the forms into which magic was transferred include white magic, black magic (which should not be confused with evil magic), and many others.

Moon Magic And Moon Water

Moon magic thus gave rise to different magical outlets in quite several different forms. It however also remained an intact piece that had effectiveness and a throbbing power of its own.

Moon magic as you can tell got its name from being practiced under the light of the moon. It involved rituals, incantations, and spells that were performed, chanted, and cast under the bright gaze of the moon.

The reason moon magic has survived up to now is largely attributed to the fact that no other kind of magic possesses enough power to independently achieve the feats that moon magic can achieve.

How Was Moon Magic Performed?

Moon magic from the beginning of time has gone through several changes both in practice and in theory. The way it was practiced before is not the same way it has survived up to now.

The casting of the moon spells, the performance of the moon rituals, the invocation, and the chanting of the moon mantras, are all different. This is because of the change that everything is supposed and meant to go through with a change in time.

The only thing I can assure you that has remained the same nevertheless is the moon and its positioning among the stars.

We shall take elaborate looks into every aspect of moon magic. And we shall understand its inner details, requirements, and specifications, as we continue on our journey of exploiting the rich spells of moon magic.

How Moon Magic Is Practiced?

Moon Magic And Moon Water

The practice of moon magic is so elaborate that it cannot be covered in a single day on a single page. Moon magic is a force embedded in almost every part of the life of a Wiccan believer.

We cannot venture into the how the side of performance in moon magic, but we are going to look into the basics of it, that you need to get going.

Moon magic has basic tenets that every Wiccan believer needs to imbibe if they are to perform the strongest moon rituals. These tenets include;

  1. The performance of magic under the shade of the moon is a guarantee of a successful moon spell.
  2. Soul transparency during any moon magic ritual is lead in the opening of the whole being to the infusion of magic.

When those two basic tenets become part of a Wiccan believer, then success in spells is guaranteed.

Let us look at each tenet individually. The first one requires that moon magic be performed in the presence of the moon, in essence;

What does the moon add to the power of a Wiccan spell?

The moon in its whole being is a mysterious entity on which the magic of the universe is stitched with very firm thread. Unlike the sun, the moon is a source of light that can be seen with the naked eye in all its glory.

Though distant, the moon feels closer to us than the sun without even trying to be. The moon is the only light that changes shape and nothing human has control over how it appears in its glory. Sometimes it’s a quarter of itself, at other times it’s a half, while at other times it’s a full moon.

The qualities of the moon entity talked of above are some of the things that make the moon a unique power that cannot be simply explained.

The way it functions is strictly beyond human comprehension and it can only be confirmed without a doubt to be magical.

Moon Magic And Moon Water

In the same way, moon magic comes to us; without a tether, unexpectedly, powerful, unstoppable, distant but always a part of us.

These are the beauties of moon magic that assure a believer of success in a moon spell. The implication behind the first tenet requires moon spells to be cast during nighttime. Most preferably outside in an open place where this light from the moon can touch.

This goes likewise for the rituals that are performed and all the incantations made.

What You Need To Know

Modernity has left our world with almost no haven to openly practice a true moon ritual. Therefore, there are several alternatives that you can do to achieve similar results in a moon spell performed indoors. This will make it appear like it was performed or cast outdoors.

I would like to share with you the knowledge I have collected over time to guide you in spell casting.

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Benefits Of Moon Magic

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When we work together on the path of turning our fortunes around, we cannot fail to achieve the utmost best.

Remember, moon magic is the strongest that you will ever come across in the Wiccan tradition. And thus, it requires the resolute of even stronger people or believers in its effectiveness.

This strong faith, trust, and resolute give the spell to be cast a far greater power.

The presence of the moon (we shall look at the light transference in moon magic), in you. This reflects the readiness of your soul for the tasks required of you in the performance of the moon rituals.

I would like to assure you that all moon magical spells achieve their desired targets.

Wiccan magic, therefore, holds a strong monopoly over the only source of power (the moon, and its light). When it comes to the casting of the success assured spells and the performance of fulfilling rituals.

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