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Spell To Attract Love


I know you are busy thinking that the spell to attract love does not exist. But, right here and now I can assure you that the spell does exist and it is here to secure your love.

Many practitioners do not know this attention-pulling love spell. This is because they fail to separate it from the spell to attract the love that many single people looking for.

Spell to attract love and the love attention spell have some things in common. However, the love attention spell is for married people or people already in a relationship.

The love attraction spell ensures that you attract lovers like bees to a flower. On the other hand, the love attention spell ensures you choose a lover, and you maintain that person’s attention. This is the attention that he or she gave you in the beginning. This love attention spell falls under extension spells in traditional magic.

What Are Extension Spells In Love Attraction Magic?

Extension spells are those spells and rituals that a spell caster engages in after casting the leading spell.

For example; if you cast a love-seeking spell, then the following love attraction spells follow. One can act as an extension spell or ritual.

When you cast a love-seeking spell and forget these spell-extending rituals, the spell is as good as dead. This means you will not be in a position to receive the results you may be looking forward to.

Why You Need To Cast Extension Spells When Attracting Love.

There are very many reasons as to why you need to cast these spells and some of them are; the need to augment the power of the leading or major spell.

The leading spell can be strong on its own, but it cannot work alone.

These extended rituals act as chains that link the major spell to the magic which is the source of the power.

The leading spell that is not accompanied by the extension spells is a lighthouse but without the lights. Let us say you cast a love attraction spell and you miss out on the extension spells, you will of course attract someone. However,  with time this person will grow weary of you maybe because she or he is no longer feels that strong attachment to you.

Magic is always present but it cannot work without us asking. This is why we have to carry the burden of spell casting. Therefore, for the magic to work for you, you need to utilize it.

That is why when you cast the love attraction spell, you will cast at given intervals, the attention spells, such that your lover’s attention is always your way.

This is the only way how you can ensure that you are firmly within the world and life of love. For more on the casting of extension spells and spell extension rituals, you can call me;

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Drawing Attention Of Your Lover

Back to the attention-pulling love spell. I am going to help you through rituals that ensure your lover never looks sideways to any other person offering him or her love apart from you.

Spell To Attract Love

I know this is hard to believe because many people do not trust in what they can offer their lovers in order for them not to leave them.

But if you believe that you cannot offer enough then that is the beginning of your failure in your love life. There is nothing like enough in love, simply because there is nothing like enough in the world, that is how nature works.

What you offer daily to your lover in your relationship is more than what those other people you think about can offer. When you firmly believe this, then you are ready to cast the attention spell.

Will The Spell To attract Love Rebuild Your Love Life?

You are not engaging in these rituals because you are sure of a failing love, but you are engaging in them because you want to make your lover aware that you both have the best relationship that can ever occur between two people.

Therefore, prepare yourself for these love rituals, and am going to be your faithful guide regardless of where you are in this universe or what other beliefs you hold towards love.

The only important thing here is that you believe in love and its fulfillment and the fact that it’s worth fighting for.

First and foremost, you will do these love extension rituals over a number of days. This helps energize your love life from within step by step.

Casting The Love Drawing Spell

Below is how one of the strongest love attraction spell works;

With love between two people just starting, or when it has gone on for a while, you will need to create a hearth on the threshold of an altar for your love.

Many traditions have different love altars depending on spell requirements and deities involved.

However, with white magic, make a choice of the love god or goddess in lore can do as long as you truly believe in them.

At your love altar, place your picture and that of your lover.

Light five colored candles

Attention is something that is infinite and always on the move. Therefore, when selecting the elemental force of light to encircle your love altar, choose the most ever-present water element.

However, in most other love spells this is not the case. For example, the spell to attract love, the fire element takes precedence. This is because fire is more attractive in nature and the flame of passion burns brighter than anything else.

After selecting your element, light five more blue candles

Put them in a circle around your love altar.

Sit each candle on a saucer floating in a pan of crystal clear moon water. The moon is a very strong light force in attention-seeking love spells.

Spell To Attract Love

This setup altar is kept alive for exactly the span of two weekdays, this will ensure that your lover’s attention is yours only for one month for each weekday.

Other Things That The Attention-Seeking Love spell Requires

This attention spell also requires blood sacrifice which is done every morning before sunrise and every evening before sunset for the two consecutive days.

At the end of the two days, the altar is removed and the remains of the items are kept together in a box and kept safely. This is because at any time when the spell caster desires to undo any spell work that they did it is easily achieved if the items involved in the original casting attempt are available.

This attention spell is very valuable and it helps to extend the lifetime of an otherwise doubtful relationship.

Why Does Someone Need a Spell To Attract  Love?

The answer is simple and it is more likely covered in four major reasons. First of all, as your partner pays more attention to you, he or she will start noticing the small details that he or she had been missing before in your relationship.

There are some small things that you may routinely do in your love life when they are meant to keep your love alive but when your lover just considers them as a normal routine.

Spell To Attract Love

When your partner fails to notice the simple things you do for love, they become indifferent. Thus, love goes in that phase where many start wondering why they loved in the first place.

The attention-seeking love spell is not love-seeking in nature. But, it puts the chances of love renewal at one hundred percent, and this is why you need it.

The second reason why you need to cast this love spell is jealousy and envy. Many people outside your relationship hate the way your love life is working out. They will do anything to divert your lover’s attention, and I assure you that they will succeed.

Remember you are not the only one who is aware of the magical and deeply emotional nature of love.

Emotions in Love attraction Spells

Emotions in both negative and positive aspects greatly affect magic. When a person falls in love and utilizes magic to possess that love, his or her feelings enhance the magic. The feelings of the love-spell caster, for example, hope, joy, longing, and affection, greatly influence the outcome.

All these positive emotional discharges fuel magic to an extent that makes the impossible utterly possible.

I tell you this so that you are aware that people can use magic to end your love life. Magic is not discriminative, it will give them exactly what they want to achieve. The security you have is to contact a strong spell caster, use the right spells and do the right rituals.

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