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What is a dream love spell in magic?

“Everything that happens in the conscious mind also occurs in the second conscious, and this is the dream.”  From Magical Dreams by Dr. Nkasi.

The dream is the second level of consciousness that we refer to as the unconscious. Unfortunately, this reference has a number of limits.

First of all, life in a dream is very much a reality. It is the determination you put in that manifests it in the physical world.

When you understand that, then you are ready to solve love problems using the dream love spell. And I am here to show you how you can do that.

You are here because you are suffering from a loveless life. Either you carry disappointment from a fond ex-lover, or you are just beginning your journey of love. Let me give you the dream love spell to give you hope for better results.

The Love Emotion In A Dream Love Spell

All the times in the universe we hold the love emotion in the highest regard. Unfortunately, it often disappoints us by the way it crushes and breaks those who engage in it.

We strive to find that perfect love of our lives, and we do. But ultimately it is us who come out of a love relationship with broken hearts.

There are very many reasons that explain this nature of love. Those who try to right it using various means get results that are either satisfactory or undoing.

Therefore, your responsibility as of now is to make love a part of you. Additionally, you have to ensure that it remains a part of you. Place love under your control and make it do your bidding.

This is where I come to your assistance with this dream love spell. With a store of knowledge in spell-craft, I am able to cast love spells and perform strong love magical rituals. These rituals open up the eminent energies within the universal fabric of power.


My efforts have produced spells and rituals that touch every aspect of life and influence people’s lives. Come to me when you are willing and ready to enjoy the goodness and thrilling adventures of magic.

The Dream Love Spell Work.

In our dreams, we experience quite an exotic life. A life we either desire or dread to live, in contrast to the one we are living now.

There are many things that occur in a dream.

The dream reality goes beyond those things you see, hear, or feel. In a dream, you come across new experiences. You get a chance to feel as you never felt before. Given the harsh reality we see in the physical world, a dream is a getaway.

A dream is a spiritually present part of you that exists distinct but close to you. You probably can’t get the hang of this, but no worry, I will explain more.

When you wake up in the morning, it is never easy to exactly recall clearly what you dreamt during the night. However, that doesn’t remove the feeling of either trepidation or bliss that comes with a bad dream or fantasies respectively.

This implies that you have two consciousnesses that manifest at different times and do not interfere with each other.

This reality helps most people make decisions. You can either merge these consciousnesses and build a unique life, or you can silence one open the other.

When Do Dreams And Love Merge

At this point, we come to the magic in the Dream love spell. This is the magic that helps you in your decision-making as regards your love life, and these are the dream spells.

We shall go deep in the exploration of the dream spells at large.  You can change your love in a number of ways through dream love spells. We have love attraction dream spells, spiritual love spells in dreams, dream love luck spells, love channeling dream spells, and others.

How Do You Get To Dream What You Want To Manifest?

It is not easy to exactly get good dreams, however much you sleep with a person you love, or with your best music playing.

Sometimes our fantasies transform into grotesque appearances that are not part of the things that we have ever imagined.

We refer to these instances as Dreamdread in magic. You will certainly wake up with Dreamfright which leaves a bitter feeling in your gut and a headache behind.

However, with the utilization of the magical love spell in witchcraft, Dr. Nkasi will help you sleep with the perfect thoughts. You will align your spiritual life such that you rid yourself of Dreamdread.

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That is what magic was given to us, and people like me have been able to harness it and ensure that it serves the people it was meant to serve in the first place, and those are the people who are ready to live better lives.

Types Of Dreams.

If you didn’t know this fact, then ready yourself because it is coming as a surprise to you then, we have types of dreams and these are given different names depending on the magical tradition that brings them to you.

Dreams are divided into two types and these are the Negative energy dreams and Positive energy dreams.

You will find that in other traditions for example Wicca, the dreams will be referred to as the left-hand dreams and the right-hand dreams respectively, this should not confuse you because it still goes for the same implications.

Continue to the next page to read more on positive energy dreams and negative energy dreams before you start the casting of spells in dream magic.

You can also contact Dr. Nkasi on +256779083902 Or via WhatsApp on +256779083902 for spells in dream magic and dream rituals “(rites to be performed before you enter the dream world).

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