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The Mojo Bag Spell


The mojo bag spell is a magical construct of three dimensional power. The feats that spells of the mojo bag can accomplish are of profound greatness.

A mojo bag is a cloth carrier of a small size that contains tiny magical items imbued with power words. These can bring about lasting change in any sphere of life that a magical practitioner might wish to influence.

The mojo bag spell also known as the mojo spells are traditional magic incantations aimed at changing anything they encounter.

There is nothing in the universe that mojo cannot influence. From money, love, healing, blessings, courts of law and related cases, relationships, family, and many others.

Mojo is prevalent in all of these institutions and can make them appear the way a magician likes.

What Exactly Is A Mojo Bag?

As we have seen, you now know that mojo is a spell. You are probably wondering why you need a mojo bag when spells can occur even without it! First of all, when dealing with magic, you need customization.

When I talk of customized magic, I mean that specialized spell that works for only you and your benefit. Many practitioners will never bother to customize any spells for you.

This is because they know any magical spell will work on your needs. Another reason is simply because you do not ask them to. Dr. Nkasi is the only professional magician and spell caster that values the needs of his clients.

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He takes upon himself to collect herbs and required magical items to construct special spells designed for specific problems.

Why You Need A Customized Or Special Spell.

Some spells can be customized to work on only specific issues. But customized spells become special spells when they are designed for specific persons to work on their issues.

You Need A Special Spell Because;

  • Sometimes your problem is unique and the required magic may not be present in the commonly known and cast spells. This necessitates the need for a special roll spell that handles all the aspects of your problem.
  • Some spells are cast at night. You may want to do the magic late in the night when the world is quiet and no one is watching. This will require a special presence that works in concert with your calm night aura. It is not given that all magic flows the same at night.

The Mojo Bag Spell

  • Many people transfuse bad energy at night. When this magic mixes with your good magic, results will be different from what you expected.
    Therefore, to be on the safe side, you go for a customized special spell that won’t require you to tap in the redundant magical flow that may be contaminated and not to your tastes.
    Your special spell contains its own special magic. This magic works only for you and cannot be tapped into by any external force.
  • A special spell’s essence of the spirit in this aural universe is centered in the presence of individuality. This means that every person has their own independent and special tie to the universe both physically and spiritually.

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  • It is of great importance to understand your connection to the universe and your part in the magical web.
  • At times this is easy to achieve through deep meditation and secluded spiritual insight. But with the presence of magic, it is made a hundred times easier. You can achieve it by entering into a covenant with a special magical spell. This is meant to open your whole being to magical flow and help you establish your presence in the universe.
  • A special spell is embedded in the fact that spell casting is almost as endless as spiritual life itself. Whenever you start spell casting, sometimes you use many items and herbs (that are dried or pounded or squeezed). All these items become a part of the magic that flows within you especially for love, money and healing spells. Your essence always leaves a mark on these items and therefore makes them special to your being.
  • If you customize special spells, it becomes easier to initiate spells, change energy flow within the spell. It also aids undoing spells that you no longer require, and many other things. Therefore, if your desire is to deal in straight path magic, I strongly recommend special spells.
  • The last but not least reason why you need special spells is for altar maintenance. In almost all magical traditions, there is the presence of an altar in ritual and spell performances (we shall look at the values and arrangement of traditional magical altars somewhere else in time).

The Basis Of Altars

The Mojo Bag Spell

In many of these traditions, altars are kept sacred and sanctified at all times, a personal altar is one dedicated to the accomplishment of personal enchantments and spell casting rituals.

In magic you will always need an altar where most of the items, symbolic deities, tools, herbs, and all regalia related to spell casting is kept.  At every hour, your altar will require sacrifice.

These sacrifices are offered to call upon and satisfy the presence of deities who work on your behalf in all your magical rituals and spells.

Though according to some magical practitioners one altar can be used to be the power basis for all people regardless of their essence, Dr. Nkasi takes it as a personal and wise initiative to set up magical altars for individual people depending on what their needs be and their personalities.

People vary in the way they feel, the way the talk, the way they respond to situations and the way they relate with the world. It thus becomes important to understand each person’s needs in their particularity and not as a whole.

That is the basis of true magic.

The Role Of An Altar

Going back to special spells, your altar acts as the home for your magical energy and the source of it too, therefore it goes that every time you wish to perform a ritual or cast a spell, your altar will be the place to start from.

A special spell maintains and gives identity to your special altar. The moment your practitioner starts your spell, the magical energy within will automatically connect to your altar by default and this connected bond will stop at nothing to accomplish any magical task that you may have at hand.

I have taken you through the basics of understanding the need for specialized spells so that you can clearly understand the importance of a mojo bag.

Remember we said that a mojo bag contains personal charms, spells and other items that relate to you on both a physical and spiritual level, thus your mojo bag will be designed for you only and it will contain everything that your special spells will require to meet your demands.

What Does A Mojo Bag Do?

A mojo bag carries good luck charms, these can be amulets, pieces of cloth, necklaces, something as ordinary as a paper, etc. A good example of a piece that fits in a mojo bag is the lucky paper in a lottery spell.

In the casting of lottery spells mostly those aimed at winning jackpots, there is what we call the Lucky paper spell.

Lucky paper spell

This spell involves some rituals aimed at enchanting the three lucky number combinations written on a piece of paper.

When you have carefully followed the required steps, and after writing your selected numbers on a piece of paper, you fold the paper carefully and place it in a mojo bag with a winning mantra on your lips repeated 9 times for each number on the paper.

The magical energy within the mojo bag encompasses the numbers on your paper for 3 hours, and the numbers you selected will surely come out as winners.

That is the power of a lottery spell with mojo power combined with a strong good luck Lucky paper spell.

There are a lot of other magical spells that will increase in power and effectiveness when you include the mojo bag spell in their enchanting and performance. It is always good to know that what you want to secure is very secure and that is what a mojo bag provides.

There are many other advantages of a mojo bag and some of them include; privacy, increased and concentrated energy flow, double effectiveness, and many others.

We are going to take a look into each use step by step and in detail because each is a bit more elaborate and has a number of attached limbs that affect the flow of energy in any chosen spell in a number of ways.

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