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Wicca Deities


“For the unknown remains thus until the seeker dares to venture onto the path of discovery.” Quote from the best works of Dr. Nkasi, a ritualist and traditional African healer who is also a specialist in Wicca deities and spells.

In this locution about supernatural beings and their relation with ordinary man, many a preacher wanders off the true path of deism and venture into farfetched beliefs that bring not light to those who seek to place their faith in the gods, but confusion tenfold as lies.

Myth and bits of true doctrine that is mangled up so bad, that telling what to follow and what to leave, what to believe and what to deny become one hectic task.

As I go on I am enthusiastically enlightened to bring to you the ‘good news of the old and ever new Wiccan traditional deities.

Mine is a role not meant to confuse, but to bring people closer to forces beyond human cognition and thus create permanent bonds between these forces and the humans that call upon and utilize these forces to solve daily problems. The Wiccan belief enthralls and holds in high esteem two major deities or gods, and these are;

The Mother Goddess In Wicca Dieties

The Horned God

This brings me to the horned god. As we have seen earlier and we shall also go on to see as we continue together on this magical journey, almost all traditions have a supernatural being or beings to whom all life is responsible.

Wicca Deities

Many people try to downplay this eminent fact and deny the existence of supernatural beings. Others go on to further expostulate that if indeed extraordinary beings do exist, then they are busy with their own struggles and have never thought about being around to help their followers who are constantly in need of them.

The nay Sayers are backed in their arguments by the fact that any talk about supernatural beings requires sight and knowledge that is spiritual in nature, this makes evidencing the existence of deities hard for those who advocate for them since the people who desire to see and believe are always stuck in the spiritual realm.

Other people believe that to attain spiritual sight by an ordinary person, one must first die and leave this physical world, and in this way, he or she will be able to join the spirit world and thus witness forces that make the spiritual realm their habitat.

However much this belief holds a lot of water in its independence, it does not negate the fact that deities and other spiritual forces do exist; and in forlorn addition, it limits the scope of spiritual sight by condemning it to the spiritual realm only.

Spiritualist’s Role In Wicca Deities

My first and greatest role as your magician, ritualist, and spellcaster, is to ensure that your belief in the ever-present nature of the Wicca deities is intact.

For any ritual or spell to meet with success, the hands of the supernatural forces should be felt from within the flow of the magical force.

It is from these benevolent beings that we access magical power. They hold the reins, keeping the force under control. They allow us minute pauses to delve in and experience the healing powers of magic. We also experience the generous hand it offers forth, and the bliss that comes with the knowledge that everything is under your dominant control.

Dieties In Wicca

In Wiccan belief, we have seen the presence of two deities. These deities are not the only ones present within the tradition, but in essence, they are the major ones.

Others act as subordinates to these two, relaying the needs of the believers and transfusing magical energy. It is usually done through spells and rituals on behalf of the major Wicca deities, and others.

The moon goddess in Wicca is the female version of the tradition. This is not so different from other traditions and beliefs which in totality forward both a male and female deity. This is in recognition of the variety of human nature and in the bid to create a balance of forces.

Wicca holds the female deity, also known as the mother goddess, in higher esteem. This differentiates them from all other deities andtraditions.

Whereas other traditions tend to tip the scales in favor of male deities, making them lords over all others. On the otherside, Wicca brings to us the mother goddess as the earth goddess. She is known to be the beginning and the end of all physicality.

Everything we see with our eyes in the universe holds the essence of the earth goddess of Wicca. Blending all the feminine virtues of love, affection, trust, humility, patience, faith, beauty, and more. The Wiccan earth goddess embodies everything about human nature that is considered good and becoming.

Wicca Deities

What You Need To Know – Wicca Deities

All the beauty within the universe finds its foundations and home at the bosom of the earth goddess.

She is the mother goddess, bringing forth goodness and generosity to all those who venture out to seek. In many love spells and beauty spells, consultation, prayers, and sacrifice are done to the earth goddess.

She is believed to be the source of bounty in all things. Things that are more demanding to the heart and bring spiritual comfort. For the casting of all spells that are to invoke  the presence of the mother goddess,

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However, in several instances, many believers tend to confuse the nature of the gods. This is due to their power to influence magical happenings and the directions of magical flow.

Some believe that the mother goddess symbolizes feminine nature, therefore according her the needs and prayers of the female genre.

Whereas this may not be harmful in any way, it limits the expanse in which women seek spiritual manifestation.

They go on to give up on calling upon the horned god when they are in distress. Because they believe their afflictions can only be addressed by the mother goddess.

You will have to change beliefs if you desire to witness success in all magical work in the Wiccan tradition.

The Mother Goddess And Her Role In Wicca Deities

The mother goddess is a deity for all believers regardless of their sex. A man also seeks love as a woman does. Good luck, blessings, and beauty are as more a desire of man as of woman. Therefore the deities are for all since the same problems confront all sexes in life.

The mother goddess holding more dominancy within the Wiccan tradition does not imply all things are solely handled by her.

This thread brings me to the horned god or deity also known as the hunter god. He is always sought after by people looking for good fortune in things like betting, gambling, work, jobs, luck, etc.

The hunter god provides believers with enough good fortune to achieve anything that they might like.

Therefore, instead of sidelining the deities, it is very important to understand the roles of each. Understanding the instances when they complement each other enables a believer to know which deity to call upon.

In case you want to consult with the Wiccan deities on anything, seek guidance from a Wiccan specialist.

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He has all the answers and all the rituals and spells ready at his disposal. He’ll work to direct you to the right energy paths in your journey of true value of Wicca’s magical knowledge.

Any questions regarding Wiccan beliefs and Wiccan deities, or might you need to engage in soul and spirit searching rituals;

All the services you require are available and am available to work hand in hand with you. Magic is my inborn virtue. Using its energy to bring healing and happiness in a world filled with suffering is my sole responsibility.

The magical knowledge at my disposal is not for my benefit. It was given as a gift to benefit those without the chance to receive what they seek in the world.

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