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Wicca Moon Magic

Wicca Moon Magic And Rituals 

“As your eyes frown on daylight, thus do they brighten with the coming of night.” From Wicca Moon Magic Chants by Dr. Nkasi.

In the Wiccan tradition, you will come across what is known as moon magic. And today, let’s specifically discuss more the Wicca moon magic and rituals in detail.

You have presumably seen that apart from Wicca, several other traditions entangle moon magic in their magical practices.

This tradition of moon magic has been around for as long as the moon has been in existence. Before other forms of magical practices took shape, the moon was believed to be one of the ancient magical presences.

It held sway in the unknown universe, followed by the sun. These two entities garnered several followers who would offer sacrifices to these celestial bodies every passing day.

Wicca Moon Magic

In addition, these bodies were held in so much reverence that they were used to mark the passing of seasons. They were also used in opening and closing of festivities and to mark time passage among other things.

This ever-present union and relationship between man’s life and the ancient celestial entities created a bond far stronger between the two, and it was this bond that man later realized as magic.

With time, the moon became a symbol of varying significance among different people. Where some regarded it as a deity in itself, others regarded it as the light of the deities.

They used to look down upon man in the silence of the night, to search deeper into the unconscious conscience of sleeping man in the dream world.

What Is Dreamlight

This is why in the Wiccan tradition you will find that the moon is sometimes called the “Dreamlight”. It is believed that when the whole universe (in this sense, the universe is used to magically represent human consciousness) is at rest or sleeping.

The bright rays of the moon are used by the Wiccan deities most especially the moon goddess also known as the mother goddess, to probe deep into the minds of the believers, searching for their hidden musings, sufferings, joys, etc.

The deities thus used the essence of the moon as a guiding light in these forays and in this way come to a deeper understanding of the desires and ailing of their followers.

There are quite a several other ways in which the moon is used but we shall look at most of them in other articles as we go on.

You will find more helpful writings and deeper insights into moon magic traditions, their histories, and beliefs in the works of Dr. Nkasi, which you can access in several formats for both online and offline use.

The moon and the nighttime rituals

If you have been a part of any kind of magical practice that is carried out at night, then you have been in the presence of one of the most powerful magical ceremonies that have ever been enchanted.

Wiccan Moon magic both in theory and in practice entails all those magical activities that are engaged in by the believers most especially at night in the presence of the moon.

The moon is known to manifest in precisely four phases, we shall look more into these phases and the magical activities that are performed in which moon phase as we go on.

wicca moon magic

The important thing right now is to understand that the moon does not appear the same way at all times, and its timely appearance cycles are not limited to a known time run.

The movement of the moon and the way it appears when it does is as much a mystery as the source of the light of the moon itself.

Its ability to pierce the darkness and spread light and exuberance into the souls of the Wiccan believers is what mesmerizes most and the only thing that is worth striving for.

Where to Buddhist enlightenment comes from within, to Wiccan enlightenment is a source from without that is built and cherished from within.

Why Is Wicca Moon Magic So Important?

This should not be a problem since magic can be practiced any time any day, regardless of the celestial entities without.

With this in mind, some believers tend to discard the idea of the moon rituals and thus miss out on the most important aspect of the Wiccan tradition.

We have previously seen that the most revered god or deity in the Wiccan tradition is the moon goddess (this does not imply that she is the only deity revered within the tradition).

The moon goddess is known by some other names but most importantly she holds the moon title and thus holds sway over this celestial body.

The time determines the title with which the spell caster addresses the moon goddess, mother goddess, or earth goddess.

For example, the spell caster addresses the deity as mother goddess if the spells are cast in the morning.

Why is this so?

This is because, with the dawn of a new day, implications of a new beginning are brought forth. Thus it’s appropriate to address the mother goddess since she’s believed to be the beginning (mother) of all new things.

The same diety will be addressed as the mother goddess if a spell is to be performed during the day.

This is because all things natural are given a gay tint of a brilliant life with the light of day. And the earth is represented in all its full beauty.

The Mother goddess is offered sacrifices as a sign of gratefulness during the casting of daylight spells. These sacrifices are gained from the earth itself.

This includes but is not limited to, animal sacrifices, natural plant life sacrifices, among others. If unsure of the sacrifices to offer to the Mother goddess, seek guidance from your spiritualist.

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He is one of the best practitioners in the magically enchanted spiritual and physical realm. He will guide you in rituals as no other practitioner will ever do. Trust Dr. Nkasi with all your problems and you will be confident that they will find remedies at his hand.

Are all Wicca moon magic rituals night rituals?

This is a baffling question to many believers and magical practitioners. It is a kind of evident self-answering question.

Since the moon appears at night, it is very important to cast all moon rituals at that time.

wicca moon magic

However, there are instances when many willing ritualists and spell casters cannot engage in nighttime rituals they desire to cast.

This is because such spells are time-limited and require casting during other times apart from the nighttime. Do not worry if you are not in a position to avail yourself of nighttime for the rituals.

Dr. Nkasi has simplified the performance of moon magic by producing and enchanting what he calls moon water. Moon water is ritual water that has received the blessing of the moon goddess herself.

The good doctor prepares moon water to help his clients both spiritually and physically. This water is very useful and effective for the performance of rituals in the absence of the moon.

At times, the moon will delay manifesting its presence and at other times it will entirely be invisible for nights.

You, therefore, will be at an advantage if there is some ritual moon water in the absent moon. If you need an effective process in the manufacture and preparation of ritual moon water

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The strength of the moon in the water that Dr. Nkasi produces is unmatched in the spiritual realm (this takes in stride all other magical practitioners).

This is because Dr. Nkasi gives his whole self unreservedly into the production of the moon water, with the magic of the moon goddess as his guide.

To produce spiritually effective healing magical substances, one must wholly become part of the magical flow he desires to emulate.

This is what creates a distinction between most magic practitioners. This is because it puts a different mark on all the results produced by their hands.

What you should know as you prepare for a Wicca moon magic moon ritual:

There are many things that you are supposed to remember before you engage directly in a moon ritual or before you ask your ritualist to help you with a ritual.

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